(Release) Yuru Yuri 108 [tankoubon vol.14]

And here’s the final chapter of volume 14! Woohoo!

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I was hoping we could get this out before volume 15, so that I can brag that we caught up with the tankoubon, but unfortunately Bakkin works at the same pace as The Amusement Club The Ninja Club, so Yurihime and Namori-sensei were still faster. Oh well, c’est la vie.

On the upside, we got a new translator, Bob, who is ensuring we have continued Yuru Yuri goodness in English.

 Bob is a salaryman working in an office, whose hobbies include watching the clock and going home on time.

And we also have the temporary help of a very talented editor, tabv, who iswas also doing YYS from a scanlation-group-that-should-not-be-named. (Apparently JSB Honyaku is back and will continue YYS ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞)

 tabv is a casual editor working on the older Yuru Yuri volumes. He does hidden things and drawing jobs for no-name bit actors at his own group which he cannot possibly plug in a place like this.
“Haa~ \o/”

They are both awesome, and you’ll see it soon.

I did get my hands on Volume 15, so scanning will be done soon.

Do you guys want a volume bundle release at all?

(Release) Yuru Yuri 106 [tankoubon vol.14]

Astute readers might have noticed we released chapter 107 already, but never released chapter 106. Today, we’re fixing that. Sometimes you just accidentally forget numbers here or there. It’s perfectly normal. For example, I turned 23 last year, but then somebody pointed out to me that I’d sort of accidentally skipped 22. It was a simple counting error, but we’d already had the number 23 etched into the birthday cake and everything so it was too late. That’s why this year I’m being 22. These things happen, I’m sure we all have similar experiences. I hope you understand.

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(Release) Yuru Yuri 104 and 105 [tankoubon vol.14]

It has been a while since we had any activity. I guess that’s the nature of “summer break is over”. I don’t have school, but it’s still hard to find enthusiasm when everyone is so busy. The good news is that this is a double release. The bad news: pretty much nothing else moved in the pipeline…

These 2 chapters have been lingering in the QC box for quite a bit, and so I decided, heck, I have read them over and over enough that I probably can recall all the lines, no matter how many mistakes there are in them. So I’ll just post them here so that people can enjoy them, too.



104: [Read online|Download]


105: [Read online|Download]

We’re still alive! (sort of)

As you are all aware, the old website finally died. It was to be expected, however, since we don’t have Ayano renewing all the various stuffs needed for a website to be running. We’ll be using this wordpress page until either Ayano comes back, or I get the time to grab us a proper domain and hosting.

In the meantime, if you want old downloads, they are now in a Mega folder that you can find in the Releases page.

On current status: we actually had chapters 104 and 105 typesetted a month ago, but all of our QCer were busy with life (yeah yeah I know…), so they never got around to review those.