A New Beginning

Hi all, it’s Dory here.

“What the heck is Almost Bakkin??”

It’s a way to bring you all more Yuru Yuri, that’s what.

(It’s a nod to Kawaii scans in case you haven’t noticed)

Bakkin has been run by Ayano since who-knows-when. He has always been a great translator, a great leader, and a source of inspiration for all of us. For some reason, we haven’t heard from him since around December last year. We don’t know what happened to him; we all hope that it’s just his Capstone project and not anything serious (okay, a capstone project is pretty serious matter, but you know what I meant).

Bakkin members, to the surprise of many, still worked without Ayano there to push them. Some people took a break, but the group more or less still inched ahead, and we did have some chapters done while Ayano was not here. Unfortunately, though, he was the only one we know who can update the website, so you all have been left in the dark.

Hence this site. We decided that while we wait for Ayano to be back from whatever life is dragging him into, we would announce new chapters out here; that should restore some order to the Yuriverse. As you can see, there are a lot of things we need to work on, so bear with us!


Here’s the status of what we’ve been working on:

  • Yuru Yuri 99 – is here! You can grab a copy from Mega, or view it in the online reader (which I have access to besides Ayano). We will probably also upload it to Bato.to and dynasty-scan, and will update this post once that happen.
  • Yuru Yuri 100 is cleaned and translated, to be typeset.
  • Yuru Yuri 101 is cleaned, translated and typeset, and is in QC.
  • Yuru Yuri 102 is cleaned, to be translated, and typeset.
  • Yuru Yuri 103 is to be cleaned, translated, and typeset.


In case you missed it, we did put out Yuyushiki 27 and 28. The version of Yuyushiki 29 found on the online reader will be the last one that we put on there. The fine staff who worked on Yuyushiki have finished Yuyushiki volume 2, and have decided to branch off from Bakkin to focus on Yuyushiki exclusively. If you like Yuyushiki, check them out at dataprocessing.club, where you’ll probably enjoy faster releases. Good luck, JSB HonYaku!

That’s all for now! Please feel free to reach out to us in the comments, and thank you all so much for flying Air Bakkin!

(Thanks a lot to Alex for editing this post!)


11 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. Definitely good to see the new blog up and running! It’s been way too long since we all had our Yuru Yuri fix, and I’m really excited. Thank you!


  2. Yay! It’s exciting to see you guys back in action. It was depressing thinking that Bakkin might have poofed forever. Thanks for all the work y’all do. ^__^


  3. I’m so sorry to hear about Ayano.
    Thank you Ayano! I hope you’re allright!
    Thank you Bakkin!!! For all your hardworks and updates!
    I love you guys.


    • We appreciate your interest. However, there are some minor things, like how Ayano is the only one who can invite people to our Trello workspace, prevents us from adding more people. Also, with Ayano missing, we’re actually missing a translator. I don’t want your work go to waste just because we don’t have enough translator.

      So don’t think that we don’t want your help. Just that right now may not be a very good time. Maybe in several months, once things settle down, or maybe we even have Ayano back, then we can think of expanding the group.

      Maybe if Alex or Akane or others read this and they have some bright idea, they can chime in.


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