(Release) Yuru Yuri Chapter 102 [Comic YURI-HIME 2015.5]

Apparently “soon” means “a little more than a week”.


We’re getting slow. Gonna have to do something about life…

EDIT: v2 uploaded to fix a grammar mistake, and also to reduce the size of the credit page (by a lot). Thanks mutopis!

EDIT2: For people who are interested in buying the books, we got them from Amazon (yes they ship books oversea). Go buy it to support Namori!



21 thoughts on “(Release) Yuru Yuri Chapter 102 [Comic YURI-HIME 2015.5]

  1. This chapter was very funny! I’m looking the “progress” and I noticed that oomuro-ke wasn’t there… Do you will continue to translate it?


    • We did have Oomuro-ke scanned off the magazine since last year, but then we thought that the tankoubon would be coming out soon, so we waited for it, but it never got released, thus we’re still in a state of waiting. That, plus the YRYR backlog and Ayano disappearing means we never got to OMRK. We should have our infrastructure set up soon; when that happens, we can probably start getting some help to work on it.


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