Nothing to see here

There is no Oomuro-ke 37. Just me being stupid. Gonna stop posting things past midnight.

Guess what, there’s a chapter of Oomuro-ke collecting dust away in a corner of our Trello board, waiting for Ayano to make a final read over and post. Since we don’t know when he’s going to be back, I’ll just do that for him. So here we are, Oomuro-ke, anniversary edition. Enjoy!

This is also the last chapter of Volume 2. We had several low-res chapters, but for the last year we have been waiting for Volume 3 to come out so that we have better raws. Guess what: it never came out. Thus there is no Oomuro-ke in the pipeline right now, so you all will have to live with just Yuru Yuri for a little while longer.

On a brighter note, we have a new cleaner; welcome Kress! Kress is a real workhorse; he cleans chapters faster than a Roomba on Nitro. Just look at the status panel to the right and you’ll see.

Hanako is cute.

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Guess who?
Guess who?

13 thoughts on “Nothing to see here

      • The translation for this download is different from the Chapter 7 on the Reader though. Wouldn’t that mean that this is one of the re-releases you all had been doing with more accurate translations/better scans? If so, definitely still worth a download/read imo.


    • Thanks a lot for the thought and consideration! Right now AlmostBakkin is not set up to accept donation yet, but we will eventually, as buying those magazines is getting expensive; plus we want to host our stuffs on something a little more decent. We’ll surely announce it when we have another donation drive, like what Ayano did.


  1. Did something happen? You had this strange false update, and you’ve been silent ever since. No rush, I’m just worried about the future of this team.


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