(Release) Yuru Yuri 104 and 105 [tankoubon vol.14]

It has been a while since we had any activity. I guess that’s the nature of “summer break is over”. I don’t have school, but it’s still hard to find enthusiasm when everyone is so busy. The good news is that this is a double release. The bad news: pretty much nothing else moved in the pipeline…

These 2 chapters have been lingering in the QC box for quite a bit, and so I decided, heck, I have read them over and over enough that I probably can recall all the lines, no matter how many mistakes there are in them. So I’ll just post them here so that people can enjoy them, too.



104: [Read online|Download]


105: [Read online|Download]


19 thoughts on “(Release) Yuru Yuri 104 and 105 [tankoubon vol.14]

  1. Any new updates at all? Its been two months since the last one. Although I do understand that you guys are probably busy with stuff but it would be nice to hear something.


  2. I’m pretty sure this question has been asked hundreads of times before, but I started reading YrYr only few days ago so I’ll just ask – Why I can’t find chapters 32-51 and 88-93 anywhere? Is there some reason you didn’t translated it? I’m not trying to be insolent, you’re doing great work completly for free but I’m curious, I’m sure a lot of people dropped this manga because of the missing chapters…


  3. Okay, so Ayano disappeared, and now it looks like the rest of the Bakkin team has disappeared…anyone have access to Yuru Yuri raws and want to get together an ad hoc scanlation team…?


    • There are public raws which you can probably still get in the usual places but they vary widely in resolution and scan quality. Instead I’d offer to scan my physical copies. Drop your contact info here: 19cc02f2@opentrash.com (I’ll watch this email account for not longer than a few days)


    • Dory here. It looks like I’m pretty much the only one active, and I can’t read moonrunes. If you want raws, I have them scanned from the tankoubon on my computer. I also have several chapters already cleaned, and I can offer my typesetting skills, too, if you need me.

      Or, if you can read Japanese, why don’t you help us? We can be a 2 person team, with you translating/QCing and me scanning/cleaning/typesetting.


      • I don’t know any Japanese, either, but I have someone who does, and we’ve done a bit of scanlating in the past (specifically on a YY doujin) with him translating and me tightening up the translation and doing all of the cleaning and typesetting. I’d be happy to work on this in any capacity that’s needed, and I think my friend would, too (though I don’t want to make assurances for him until I can get in contact and check).


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