(Release) Yuru Yuri 106 [tankoubon vol.14]

Astute readers might have noticed we released chapter 107 already, but never released chapter 106. Today, we’re fixing that. Sometimes you just accidentally forget numbers here or there. It’s perfectly normal. For example, I turned 23 last year, but then somebody pointed out to me that I’d sort of accidentally skipped 22. It was a simple counting error, but we’d already had the number 23 etched into the birthday cake and everything so it was too late. That’s why this year I’m being 22. These things happen, I’m sure we all have similar experiences. I hope you understand.

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10 thoughts on “(Release) Yuru Yuri 106 [tankoubon vol.14]

  1. It’s always great to know that you are still alive.
    We don’t have a problem if you skip some chapters.
    The important thing is that you are here.
    Thanks Bakkin.


  2. They were both great chapters. Thanks Bakkin.

    Please don’t stop, even if takes a while. As long as you keep doing Yuru Yuri, I will still support you. (Never underestimate reality’s ability to get in the way of anything.)
    My only real concern is the lack of Oomuro-ke.


    • Hi AJ!

      About Oomuro-ke: I feel your pain. I love that series too, and in fact I went ahead and translated a chapter of it recently. At the moment though, we’re at a bit of a standstill on that front. Basically, Oomuroke is published once every 2 months online for free and for a limited time each. The only way to source images as far as we know is to screenshot the online viewing application, which doesn’t give us a very good resolution. We’d been doing that for a while, but then physical volumes were published. We got these and scanned them for much higher quality, and we started using those higher res scans for the latest chapters, and also we started redoing the older chapters with the high res scans and with fixed translations (I was unhappy with the quality of the translations of the chapters before I had joined…)

      So far we’ve finished up to volume 2. Volume 3 of oomuroke hasn’t been announced yet, afaik, and so for now we’re just sort of sitting around waiting for that, I guess. Maybe we could just go ahead and start working on the online chapters, but I think we must have missed a few chapters by now, probably. Our old member Ayano had been keeping on top of getting the online release pages, but Ayano isn’t part of the group any more. Hope that clears up what exactly the status of Oomuroke is.

      That said, we could work on closing the gap of older chapters from before the high-res scans were available to us.


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