(Release) Yuru Yuri 108 [tankoubon vol.14]

And here’s the final chapter of volume 14! Woohoo!

Download / Read online

I was hoping we could get this out before volume 15, so that I can brag that we caught up with the tankoubon, but unfortunately Bakkin works at the same pace as The Amusement Club The Ninja Club, so Yurihime and Namori-sensei were still faster. Oh well, c’est la vie.

On the upside, we got a new translator, Bob, who is ensuring we have continued Yuru Yuri goodness in English.

 Bob is a salaryman working in an office, whose hobbies include watching the clock and going home on time.

And we also have the temporary help of a very talented editor, tabv, who iswas also doing YYS from a scanlation-group-that-should-not-be-named. (Apparently JSB Honyaku is back and will continue YYS ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞)

 tabv is a casual editor working on the older Yuru Yuri volumes. He does hidden things and drawing jobs for no-name bit actors at his own group which he cannot possibly plug in a place like this.
“Haa~ \o/”

They are both awesome, and you’ll see it soon.

I did get my hands on Volume 15, so scanning will be done soon.

Do you guys want a volume bundle release at all?


12 thoughts on “(Release) Yuru Yuri 108 [tankoubon vol.14]

  1. I think it’s too late to make Naruto references, Namori.

    And yes, bundle release please. Translate the afterword while you’re at it. :^)


  2. I finally found you!
    The loss of Bakkin in my life has caused me much distress. WIthout my favorite manga I almost completely fell out of love with Japanese comics and animation(seriously! The lack of Yuru Yuri completely messed me up!!) reading all the updates tonight has made me feel revived.
    God speed!


  3. Hello Dory!
    I actually want to help with the translation of this awesome manga! But…I Don’t Know Japanese…
    But, i actually know Spanish,and, there’s no thing in spanish for Yuru Yuri. (So Sad)
    So…i would want to work for you and your team,translating it to Spanish with my friends!
    It is Ok? We will give credit of course!
    Thank You!. And Thanks for working on this masterpiece! Kudos to the whole team. Yuko~


    • Hey Yuko! There should be nothing stopping you from translating from our English translation to Spanish; however, I would really advise against doing it, though. Yuru Yuri is a comedy, and as such a lot of jokes were lost in JP -> EN translation already, or got replaced with localized jokes where appropriate. Thus even with the best translators, there will be shifts in meanings and allusion and lost of references in our English translation already. I have seen a lot of JP -> CN -> EN translations with a lot of awkward lines and inaccurate translations, and I really don’t want YRYR to become one of those. As a fan of Yuru Yuri and of Namori, I’m sure you know how I feel :).

      I think you will be better off finding someone who can speak both Japanese and Spanish, and have your own group. If you need raws, I can provide them. And (this is a stretch, but) if you want cleaned pages, I’ll ask our cleaners to see if they’re willing to share those on a chapter-by-chapter basis.


    • Sorry for the late reply! We have Bob as our translator, so we are doing ok on the new chapters for now. If you are interested in helping out, we have the gap in Volume 3, 4, and 5 that need to be filled out, if you are ok with working on the backlog of old volumes :). Let me know!


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