(Release) Yuru Yuri Chapter 102 [Comic YURI-HIME 2015.5]

Apparently “soon” means “a little more than a week”.


We’re getting slow. Gonna have to do something about life…

EDIT: v2 uploaded to fix a grammar mistake, and also to reduce the size of the credit page (by a lot). Thanks mutopis!

EDIT2: For people who are interested in buying the books, we got them from Amazon (yes they ship books oversea). Go buy it to support Namori!

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(Release) Yuru Yuri Chapter 101 [Comic YURI-HIME 2015.5]

There is a fellow in Germany who did an extensive analysis on the automorphism of Yuru Yuri’s Relationship Graph. In his analysis, he revealed several important properties of Yuru Yuri’s RG; evidence of Yui being the Central Character is one such conclusion (albeit we still do not have a proof, due to the nature of the graph).

While this work is undoubtedly of great contribution to the Algebraic Shipping theorist community, we have doubts about certain assumptions made in the paper.Read More »

(Release) Yuru Yuri Chapter 99 [Comic YURI-HIME 2015.5]

This is special agent Akane, reporting from Bakkin Orbital Command. Ever since the apparent abduction of Director of Central Intelligence Ayano at the hands of martians in the summer of ’82, the Bakkin Department of Intelligence has been thrown into disarray. Ayano’s leadership was integral to its operation. As rumors proliferated concerning the murky circumstances of this event, Bakkin agents were scattered throughout the globe, forced into hiding and cut off from central command networks. It was a dark time. Read More »